Moving can be a costly endeavor once you factor in all of the costs associated with house deposits, professional movers and rented truck fee.  In addition, there are expenses you don’t always plan for-like paying a technician.

Here are some ways to help you save money when moving:

  • Do all the packing yourself

Packing most of your smaller items will save you money. You just need to be organized and prepared in advance. Packing yourself will also help during the unpacking process because you know where everything is. Also, you will have peace of mind knowing that your things were properly packed.

  • Choose things you are capable of doing and what you need help with.You need to balance the cost of what you are willing and capable of doing yourself and what requires an extra hand. There are usually a few tasks that you can execute, like packing your own things.  This will reduce the cost of having to hire movers.
  • Compare the cost of hiring moversAll moving companies compete with each other. It is very easy to find a good deal from a company looking to attract movers. Compare the cost and the services offered by the various companies. This is to ensure you get quality services at a reasonable price. Ensure you grab all the discounts offered.
  • Look for free moving suppliesYou can find from your friends and family whether they have moving boxes that they want to get rid of. You may even have some yourself. Each free box you get saves you some money. Using newspapers to pack breakable items can also save a little money.
  • Only pack the items you needBefore you start packing, decide which things in your home are to be sold, given away, donated or discarded. You will spend less if you declutter and get rid of items you no longer need before moving.
  • Use trash bags instead of wardrobe boxesYou can avoid the costly wardrobe boxes and use trash bags to wrap your hanging clothes.
  • Ask your friends to help outYou are going to save money if you get your friends involved in the moving process. At times, you will only be required to hire a truck and your friends will help in packing and carrying the boxes. If you have friends with trucks, you can even save more by asking for their help.
  • Plan to move on a weekday

To save more, avoid moving at the end of the month and plan to move mid-week or mid-month. During this time, moving companies are not too busy , so   you will get a better rate and more options will be available.

At the end of the day, if you have to save money on your move, you must be prepared and well-organized. If you must use the services of professional movers, ensure the company is upfront with charges to avoid surprises at the end.