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Packing household items in preparation to move can be tiresome if you don’t prepare early. If you are not careful, you could break valuable items such as glasses, flower vases and others. These items can be difficult to find or very costly to buy, so the loss is always disappointing. When you are about to move, it is advisable to start preparing early to avoid that last-minute rush. Make sure you have the right tools to pack fragile stuff so that it doesn’t break or damage.

Easy tips to consider while packing this delicate homeware include;

Early preparation

Packing valuables like porcelain, glass and other items that can break needs enough time. Always take your time packing these valuables. If you are not hiring movers, start packing a week prior to the moving day, since it gives you time to organize yourself.

Ways to pack breakable items


Glasses are wrapped one by one in packing papers. Afterwards, place a packing paper at the bottom of the packing box for the glasses to lie on a soft landing. A crumpled paper should be placed after every glass to avoid breakage. Place another packing paper on top of the packing box to protect the glasses.

Picture frames

Wrap frames in packing papers, place a packing paper at the bottom of the packing box, then carefully put the frames inside the packing box. Place a packing paper after each frame in order to separate the frames. Not that the bigger frames (approximately three feet) may not fit in packing boxes. These frames are wrapped using a blanket and moved individually.


Plates are packed in a vertical way in medium-sized packing boxes.  Packing papers are then placed on top and at the bottom of the packing box. Each plate is wrapped using a packing paper then secured with a tape. Be careful not to overload the packing box as it may break.

Television set

When packing a television set, unplug all accessories attached to the television slots such as digital video disks, decoders and ethernet cables. After unplugging, coil up the cables and tie them together with a string. If the cables give you difficulties recognizing, label them individually prior to packing. After disconnecting all the slots, dust the television with a soft dry cloth, since the dirt may scratch the screen and cause complications. Place television cushions at the edge of the screen before placing the device its packing box. The cushions prevent the screen from cracking after it is put in the packing box.

Once you are done packing all the fragile items into packing boxes, label the packing boxes accordingly. Include your name and what is inside the box for easy retrieval. This helps you to know what is inside each box. Should you misplace any box, it becomes easier to track it since it has your name on it.