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The K-BOX is a proven leader in the portable storage and moving industry with over 70,000 units being utilized worldwide. The Flat Lightweight Steel K-BOX base and frame structure are made of heavy duty steel and the walls are made out of powder coated Flatweight Steel.

The 8'x16' K-BOX is $229/Mo

The 8'x19' K-BOX is $269/Mo

Transportation (up to 25 miles):

  • Delivery – $90.00
  • Relocation – $90.00
  • Final Pick-Up – $90.00

Mileage is calculated from 5524 S. Mingo Rd., Tulsa, OK 74146.

Please call (918) 271-7400 or email K-BOX for a current quote.

What size boxes do you provide?

8’x8’x16′ and 8’x8’x19′

What size do I need?

For K-BOX sizes and specifications, please visit the K-BOX Sizes page. If you are still unsure call K-BOX at (918) 271-7400 as we are always here to help.

Can I use more than one single K-BOX?

We deliver K-BOXES 1 at a time. If you need another K-BOX you may call the office and we will bring another one right out.

How soon can you deliver?

24-72 hours from the time you reserve a K-BOX we will send our driver.

Can I get a K-BOX today?

Possibly! Please call the office at (918) 271-7400 and ask if we have an opening today.

When will I pay for the K-BOX?

24 hours before we deliver your K-BOX we charge the initial fee of first month rent + delivery.

Can you take the K-BOX out of state?

We can deliver and relocate K-BOXES to any address in the state of Oklahoma.

Do you deliver outside of Tulsa?

YES, after 25 miles we charge location zone prices and we charge per mile pricing for 61+.

Can I get a quote on delivery outside of Tulsa?

YES, please fill out a Contact Us form or call (918) 271-7400 for a custom quote to your address.

I just found out I sold my house and I have to be out this weekend. Can I get a K-BOX and have you take it to storage?

YES, we will deliver a K-BOX and schedule to bring it back for storage as quickly as possible. We can store your K-BOX at our secure lot on S. Mingo Road in Tulsa until you call to have it delivered to your new address. You will have access to the K-BOX during our regular business hours. Should you decide to move outside the state of Oklahoma, you may empty your K-BOX into a moving van from our storage lot at any time.

Can I keep the K-BOX at my shop, house, business or land?

YES, you may keep the K-BOX at the ongoing monthly rate as long as you want/need it.

Do you provide a lock?

We allow you to use your own unique lock so you are the only one with the key.

Do you sell packing supplies?

We can give you tips on how to load a K-BOX, but we do not sell packing supplies.

Do you sell K-BOXES?

We do not sell our K-BOXES, they are for rent by the month.


We pride ourselves on excellent service and happy customers, here's what some of them said about us
Thank you so much, K-BOX for helping make my move so easy! Such friendly awesome service! Very affordable! Everyone must check out K-BOX! I have used Pods in the past and let me tell you. Your boxes and services are the absolutely best!
Christy Blackwell, Tulsa


K-BOX Mobile Storage Solutions in Tulsa and the surrounding areas

K-BOX mobile storage container and storage pod in Tulsa

Two sizes to choose from so you only pay for what you need.

K-BOX mobile storage container and storage pod in Tulsa

With our unique "Joey" loading/unloading system we can place your box where you need it.

K-BOX mobile storage container and storage pod in Tulsa

Strong protective steel structures help to secure your stored items.