K-BOX Mobile Storage opened in 2016 on South Mingo Road in Tulsa, OK. We are locally owned, locally operated and conveniently located to deliver portable moving and storage containers to people living and working in communities all around Tulsa. We specialize in helping people move or store belongings when staging a home, during a home or office closing, for remodels or renovations and if disaster strikes and a quick solution is needed for relocating belongings.

At K-BOX, one call gets it all. We drop it. You pack it. We pick it up and transport it where you tell us to go. We will even store it for you. It is that simple, and that easy.

When it is time to move or store your possessions, K-BOX Mobile Storage has a great alternative to:

  1. Hiring a giant moving van and costly moving crew;
  2. Renting a truck for a limited time period and feeling rushed to drive it to the destination on a deadline; or
  3. Calling on your brother-in-law or friends from work to help move your stuff.

The K-BOX moving and storage system is a user-friendly way to move or store your things. We drop off a sturdy, secure, weatherproof portable container at your location. You pack your things when and how you please. When you are ready, we pick it up. We drive the K-BOX with your belongings to your destination of choice, which could be on our storage lot in South Tulsa.


The sturdy, all-steel, weatherproof, insulated K-BOX is available in two sizes: 8′ x 16′ and 8′ x 19′. The container has easy-to-open doors that provide substantially more storage capacity than other mobile storage containers with roll-up doors and/or interior wooden support beams. When your K-BOX arrives, it is clean and ready to load with your belongings. While the K-BOX sits at your home, office or job site, and while it is in transit or on our storage lot, it will protect your things in all weather. You may even use your own lock on the doors so you control who enters the K-BOX.


One telephone call to our Tulsa office is all it takes. A real human being will take your call and answer all your questions – when, where, what, how long, and how much it will cost. We will arrange the time and place for your K-BOX delivery, and you can even schedule the K-BOX to be relocated and picked-up at the same time.


Our flatbed truck and driver will arrive at your location with your specific instructions about how and where to place your K-BOX in the driveway, parking lot or at your land. Upon arrival the driver will employ our unique “Joey” transporter to move your K-BOX off the truck – keeping it level at all times. The unique leveling process will minimize load-shifting when we pick the K-BOX up, something our competitors can’t offer. Our transport specialists are well trained and in direct communication with our central office.


You pack up your belongings inside the K-BOX according to your own schedule. If we are moving it or storing it, you call us when you have it ready.


Once you’ve packed your K-BOX, it is time for “Joey” to go back to work and load it back on our truck. The K-BOX remains level throughout the lifting and loading process. We will move the K-BOX directly to your new home, apartment, building, land or to our secure, gated storage yard in South Tulsa as long as you need us to store it.


We pride ourselves on excellent service and happy customers, here's what some of them said about us
Thank you so much, K-BOX for helping make my move so easy! Such friendly awesome service! Very affordable! Everyone must check out K-BOX! I have used Pods in the past and let me tell you. Your boxes and services are the absolutely best!
Christy Blackwell, Tulsa


K-BOX Mobile Storage Solutions in Tulsa and the surrounding areas

K-BOX mobile storage container and storage pod in Tulsa

Two sizes to choose from so you only pay for what you need.

K-BOX mobile storage container and storage pod in Tulsa

With our unique "Joey" loading/unloading system we can place your box where you need it.

K-BOX mobile storage container and storage pod in Tulsa

Strong protective steel structures help to secure your stored items.