Furniture is very difficult to move without the help of professional movers. Preparing your furniture properly can protect against damages and also make carrying furniture easier. If you decided to move rather than hire movers, make sure you know how to prepare the furniture for moving and avoid injuries.

Below are some ideas to help you prepare your furniture for moving;

  •  Know what you have to move

Take inventory of the items you own and know how much time you will take to disassemble them. Also, note down their number and current condition. Then figure out the packing materials needed.

  • Research on moving companies

You can find professional moving companies, compare their prices, and book the best online. It’s important to check that the moving company is licensed. Ensure you read the company’s list of services, refund and damage policies.

  • Measure the doorways and corridors

Make sure everything will fit through the doorways, corridors staircase or elevators before you start moving your furniture out. At times you may need to remove the doors before moving large pieces like sofas, dining tables.

  • Get the required tools and equipment

Ensure you select all the tools you will need to disassemble doors, legs and table tops. For valuable or fragile pieces, ensure you have furniture blankets and packing tapes to wrap these items and protect them.

  • Dismantle furniture in advance

Start by removing parts that can be removed like bed frames and glass tops. Consider removing dining table legs before moving since they are fragile and may even break. Do a single piece at a time and use a plastic bag to save the nuts, bolts, and washers. Ensure to write on the outside where each piece belongs to for reassembly. Tape the assembly instruction books that came with the furniture and the plastic bags on the underside of large pieces.

  • Dealing with fragile and small items

Use cardboard and tape to wrap your mirrors. To pack the television, cover it with cloth and secure it with plastic wrap. Gather newspapers for wrapping light bulb and lamp shades. For cushions and throw pillows, place them in clear plastic bags and be sure to fasten the bags well.

  • Label moving boxes.

To be able to find your stuff easily, label all your packed boxes on the sides clearly and accurately. In addition, labelling should be done by category and room to save time when unloading.

  • Loading Furniture on to the moving truck

Weight should be distributed evenly to make driving easier. The heaviest items should be placed against the walls. Sofas, appliances and tabletops should be loaded first. Ensure to secure furniture with straps. Ensure you pack anything that can be packed.

Moving is always considered stressful but it’s not. Make things easy by packing and securing your furniture in advance. Avoid cleaning your furniture before moving as this will save you the extra cleaning costs.  If you are looking for a moving storage box Tulsa to make your move easier, reach out to us here at kbox.