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About Us

K-BOX is a moving and storage system that offers the best of two worlds. First, like a moving van, it's a portable storage unit that is delivered when you need it. Better than a moving van, your K-BOX can be placed almost anywhere on your property – on the driveway, in the yard, even in the back yard! Also, unlike a moving van, this portable storage container can stay put until you're are finished packing it! Unlike a “you-drive-it-all by-yourself”rental truck or van, you don't have to drive it over the highway or have it back at an appointed hour.

One call gets it all. We drop it. You pack it. We pick it up and take it where you want it. It's that simple, and that easy.


The sturdy, all-steel, weatherproof, insulated K-Box is available in two sizes: 16 feet and 19 feet in length. Easy-to-open front doors provide substantially more storage capacity than other containers with roll-up doors and interior wooden support beams.

When your K-BOX arrives, it is clean and ready to fill with your prized possessions. While it is in your yard or driveway and while it is in transit or in storage, your K-BOX will protect your things in all weather.

The Call

One telephone call to our central office is all it takes. A real human being will take your call and answer all your questions. A real human being will take your call and answer all your questions – when, where, what, how long, and how much it will cost


Our flatbed trauck will arrive at your location with specific instructions about how and where to place your K-BOX. You are certainly welcome to be there, But you will not have to be there. Our driver/dropper will employ our unique “Joey” transporter to download your K-BOX where you want it.


Once you've packed your K-BOX, we'll be right over – to pick it up – “Joey” will keep it level - and load it back on our truck. We'll take it directly to your new home or location. Or, we can take it to our secure, gated storage yard in South Tulsa until you need it.


You pack the K-BOX according to your own schedule. We'll give you some tips on how to load and arrange your things. We can also provide almost all of the materials and accessories that you might need – boxes, packing materials, tape, labels, markers, etc.


When you are packed, it's time for “Joey”® to go back to work. Our unique system allows our transporter to move the K-BOX while riding the “Joey”® or with a remote controller. The remote controller allows the operator to move around the K-BOX to check for clearances – to minimize damage to landscaping and property during the lift. The K-BOX remains level throughout the lifting and loading process.