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Moving is not easy; it takes time, money and a lot of effort. Relocating from one house to the next will take a toll on you. This is why it is very easy to make mistakes. Most of these mistakes can be avoided. However, no move is ever perfect; it just gets easier once mistakes are dealt with.

  1. Trying to save money

    You might try to save money by doing the moving all by yourself. This might save you some money if the move is a short distance but long distances might just cost you a little more than money. You must also consider the amount of stuff you have. Getting a reputable company to help you move can seem expensive on paper but will be most profitable. Depending on your contract, the company will offer valuation protection and insurance for your items. If your items get lost or destroyed in transit, you may get partial compensation. Some disassemble large furniture for easier move and packing services for fragile items. If you are moving to another state, fuel and parking costs also go up. Once you get to your new place, the movers will offload the truck. This will save you on time and energy, which can be used to unpack the boxes.

  2. Being a packrat

    If you pride yourself in collecting treasure over the years, or have a hard time letting go of things you no longer need like old magazines or clothes that you no longer wear, that might be a big mistake when you finally decide to move. This may lead you to pay more because more items are being transported. Before packing, go through your things and sort what you have not used over the years. You can sell these items or donate them.

  3. Being too trusting

    It might seem like a good idea to let the moving company do everything for you and just sign the check when it’s all done. This is one mistake you should avoid at all costs. Take an inventory of all your stuff so that if anything gets lost or destroyed, the company will be liable. It is also advisable to thoroughly go through your contract before signing it. Before settling for a company, talk to different professionals and listen to their offers

  4. Avoiding the bubble wrap

    When you finally get around to the kitchen, you might have had enough of packing and decide to go the easy way out and just put things in boxes. This would be an equivalent of leaving these items in your old home as chances that you will open the boxes and meet pieces of broken glasses are high. Take time to wrap your fragile ware. If possible, double wrap them to make sure any chances of the items breaking while in transit are eliminated.

  5. Not having an essential bag

Having an essential bag packed is important in that it lets you adapt to the move easily. Moving is tiresome and most people do not unpack on the first day. Having your essentials like matchboxes and torches in case the lights are not yet connected, toiletries and other amenities readily available will save on energy used to go through each box looking for different things.

It is always advisable to research on the company you are considering and get a second and third opinion if necessary. Go through the contract and do not try to save up by cutting corners. If you are looking for a storage box Tulsa, contact us.