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As one of the trusted companies  when it comes to Moving Tulsa, we have had questions about the growing trend of container homes. Compact living is a big thing right now with conversation on environmental consciousness taking center stage. For those of you who would like to try the container home for its conservation properties or just its sleek look, we have gathered responses from container owners for your benefit. Here is what you should know as you get ready for your container home project;

The nomad guest house in Portugal

The guesthouse was the conception of Arnold Aarssen of Studio ArTe. The modern guesthouse was build using a single 4o-foot container. With such size, the home boasts about 300 square feet of space. According to Ararssen, you should know everything about insulating your container the right way. The slightest mistake in this area could cost you thousands of dollars that could be used to improve other areas in building the container home. He also gives advice on how to prevent the sun from hitting the roof of the container directly as it reduces your HVAC system’s efficiency. The way to avoid this is by double ventilating the roof.

Container home in the woods

Larry Brooke built his container home using two 40-foot containers which cost him around $35,000. The house uses sustainable energy to the highest extent, with a number of solar panels fitted on the roof. Larry’s advice to those intending to build their first container homes is that you should not trust your container provider to give you the container you asked for without checking first. However, using the beat-up containers he received, he learned that you don’t need the newest container to build a nice home for yourself. Even an old container can be made to look like a brand new one.

The Manifesto House

This is one of the well-known container homes to be built. The container home is famous, not only because of its futuristic design but also its clever use of space. The stunning container home was designed by James & Mau Architects and uses 85% eco-friendly supplies. According to Raquel Izurzu, one of the architects from the firm, they had to figure out how to stop the wind from hitting the home directly since this caused the container to make noise. When building your container home, we advise that you find out about the climatic conditions in the area and how this will affect the home.

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