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There are many reasons that homeowners and businesses in the Tulsa area find themselves in need of extra storage. Whether your need is only few months or is a much longer term, finding a safe and convenient solution can make the process easier.

K-BOX can provide storage on-site at your location or move the storage box offsite for you and then return it when you are ready to unload.

While storage unit centers require you to load items into your vehicle or a rental van and then transport and unload again, using these mobile storage boxes allows you to load items just once and have those items remain secure until you no longer need the storage.

Examples of common reasons to use K-BOX for storage include:

  • Home remodeling or repair projects
  • Seasonal or overstock merchandise holding for businesses
  • Holding space to work through large room or home reorganization
  • Removing extra items to stage a home for sale
  • Excess possessions due to temporary downsizing between residences

Regardless of the reason you are considering mobile storage boxes, the length of time needed can be a factor in the choice you make. With K-BOX, you pay month-to-month until you’re done, without a time commitment beyond that initial month. This provides you flexibility so if your plans change, you are able to adjust your storage needs to match.

Two main types of storage homes and businesses need include:


Your K-BOX can be taken directly to our South Tulsa storage facility. It will be held at that gated and secure location. If you make the decision to have it removed from your property, when it is ready to be returned, the storage box will be carefully handled with the Joey transporter. For shorter projects, ask about leaving the K-BOX at your location so you can have consistent access to your belongings. On site storage also eliminates time for having the box brought back.


If you need to store your belongings for an extended period of time, K-BOX can make arrangements to keep your items in our permanent private storage facility. Your possessions will be kept secure, dry from the elements and ready for you until you request for them to be redelivered to you.

Taking care of your possessions is simple when they are inside your home or business. When a situation arises where you need additional storage, contact K-BOX to explore the possibilities. With two mobile storage box sizes to choose from, you can select the option that meets your specific needs.

If you have questions about what types of items can or cannot be stores in a K-BOX, contact us today for more information.