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Moving can be a stressful time for many homeowners and businesses. Whether you are using your own vehicle, getting assistance from friends and family, or renting a moving van, the timeline is generally very quick. Choosing a portable moving box for your Tulsa area move provides you the opportunity to pack as you go, and then have your items moved to your destination for you.

K-BOX offers sturdy, weatherproof steel, portable moving boxes in two sizes – 16 feet or 20 feet in length. Each container has easy opening front entry doors that provide maximum space for loading your furnishings and possessions, especially when compared to containers with roll-up doors and interior wall supports.

So for your next move, you take your sweet time in loading your things.... you can even receive tips on how to load your K-BOX just like a pro.

What is the moving process like with a K-BOX?

When your portable moving box is dropped off you’ll meet “Joey”. While you may be expecting a person, this unique part of the K-BOX process is important. The driver/dropper assigned to your drop-off (or pick-up) will employ our unique K-Box mover – called a “Joey”.

The Joey can be operated on the lift - in place – or by remote control. This mover can place your K-BOX almost anywhere, and move it over curbs, up and down hills, over dirt, grass, gravel, around trees and shrubs to help protect your home and property during delivery and pick-up.

The flexibility of working with K-BOX allows you to tailor the move to your situation. Explore the following options:

Immediate Delivery for Your Move

If your new residence is ready for you to move your belongings in, K-BOX can transfer the loaded moving storage boxes direct from one location to the next. The items you packed will arrive in the same container you placed them in, ready for you to unload. One major benefit is not having to transport the items yourself by driving an oversized moving van around town, and hurrying to return it on time.

Moving with Short Term Storage

In the event you are not moving direct, or have a gap between your current residence and your new residence you can opt for some or all of your possessions to be packed into a portable moving box. K-BOX has a gated, secure South Tulsa storage facility for storage until you are ready and Joey comes and unload it again. Unlike storage lockers, you only have to pack and unpack once, making this convenient.

Moving should be more exciting than stressful. Being able to set your own timeline to pack and load your belongings can change the process from a single moving day to an extended project. Taking your time to manage your move with K-BOX includes a professional driver to take your items from your current residence to your destination.