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4 Things you should do after moving
April 27, 2019

The very first post-move days are usually hard to get through. You are in a new city and there is a feeling of disorientation that needs time to go away. We as also know that when it comes to moving Tulsa, settling can be a bit difficult. This is meant for those who are moving into a new city and have absolutely no clue what to do.

  1. Learn what secrets are hidden in your home

    You are moving into your home for the first time, and as such, is unknown territory for you. This shouldn’t be the case though, so one of the first things you do is explore youhome. Carry out a home inspection to see what condition everything is in. You might not have had the time to inspect the house as well as you wanted to when buying it, but now you can find out how much work the place really needs. It is also important to locate the water valve and fuse box and take down the readings for your water and electricity in case you need the information later on.

  2. Help the pets get used to their new environment

    If you have moved with your pets, then this is among the first things to do. Check on your animal friend to see how she is fairing with the change of scenery and climate. One favor you could do your pets to help them acclimatize better is clean the house thoroughly so that you get rid of any smells. Their heightened sense of smell means they are affected by odors even more. Play with your pets more as well to help them feel cared for like before. You might have a lot on your hands after the move with all the unpacking there is to do but make sure they get to take their walk at the designated time.

  3. Get your vehicle registered in the new state

    If you have made an interstate move, then that means you have a lot of work on your hands before you can fully settle in. Remember to register your car in your new state. It is most advisable that you make this one of the first tasks in the list. You should know that you might also be needed to transfer your driver’s license too. You shouldn’t be worried about any lengthy processes when carrying out any of these as they both are done in a simple and straightforward manner.

  4. Explore your new city

You have probably looked every spot in town up, but now it’s time to actually go to these places and see for yourself what they have to offer. See the nightlife and get a feel of the locals and how their days are like. You need this to make new friends around your new home, so don’t get caught up in the tasks you have to do and forget to treat yourself.

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