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Ways to help your children settle in your new home
April 08, 2019

Moving is definitely difficult for all of us; it is even harder for children. It's normal for the children to feel like they have no control over the move.  It is very difficult for them to say goodbye to their old friends. For most children, this might be the hardest adjustment to make. After packing and moving is done, children need to settle into the new home.

Here are some tips to make their transition easier;

  • Talk to your children about the move

    If you include the children in your move, you will be surprised at how much better they will handle the move. Explain to them why you’re moving and let them understand how important the change is to the entire family.

  • Take a Tour to the new home

    Your family might have seen the house before but still, take a tour. Walk the children through each room and discuss the activities which will happen there and how it will look like. Ask them what they think about organizing the space and allow them enough time to explore. Let them ask you all the questions they have

  • Try not to panic

    Be sure to project emotions that are calming and happy to the children and avoid being anxious.

  • Have an essential box for everyone

    Let each member of the house pack an essential box for themselves.  Encourage the children to collect and pack their treasured toys, books and games together in one box. These boxes can be unpacked first. Irrespective of their age, involve them in packing their own rooms

  • Unpack the children’s’ Rooms First

    After the essential items in the kitchen are unpacked, start by unpacking the children’s rooms. Help the children unpack their own items and talk to them on how they would like their rooms arranged. The sooner you unpack their rooms, the quicker they adjust to the new space.

  • Keep the children’s normal schedule

    Children like schedules and routine from mealtimes, playtimes to bedtime. Try to stick to what your children know as their normal day. This way, the children will adjust more quickly and feel more settled.

  • Help the children settle in the new neighbourhood

    When taking your children outside for a walk, allow them time to explore their new neighbourhood. Your children should be slowly introduced into the area around the new home. It’s important to host a neighbourhood get-together to give your children the chance to know the other kids in the neighbourhood.

  • Be home for the first week

    Allow yourself some time with the children before starting your new job to help them adjust.

  • Start schooling

Let your children join school as soon as possible. This will help them make new friends and also adjust very quickly.  Be sure to make it fun and exciting.

If you can afford try hiring professional storage box Tulsa  companies to help you complete the work within the shortest time to allow the children some time to relax.


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