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What can I use to move heavy furniture?
March 26, 2019

Whether you are rearranging or relocating to another place, moving heavy furniture is usually tiresome because you strain your back and get sweaty. However, with the proper techniques, moving a heavy piece of furniture isn’t hard.

Techniques to employ when moving heavy furniture

  • Find a furniture dolly

    They are very useful when moving furniture because they help distribute weight vertically, making them a good fit for heavy items.

  • Use furniture slides

    Moving sliders make work easier. Normally, they are made of plastic and you should place them under each corner of the piece of furniture that you are moving to make them glide across the floor. In addition, they help mitigate the risk of damage to your tile, floor or carpet.

  • Moving straps

    Furniture straps work to transfer some of the weight off your back and arms when lifting heavy items. Always tailor them to fit the size of your furniture as they can be adjusted.

  • Break furniture down into small parts

    Try taking apart all removable pieces of the heavy furniture like drawers, shelves, legs, racks and knobs to be moved separately.

  • Bend at your knees, not your waist. 

    When lifting heavy furniture, remember to carry the weight in your legs or arms and not in your back. Squatting at your knees when lifting instead of bending over places majority of the bulk on your legs and arms and not on your back.

  • Carry items close to your body

    This helps your body to maintain balance and gets your upper arms and shoulders involved in the task.

  • Don’t twist your body while you’re lifting or carrying

While lifting heavy furniture, try as much as you can to keep your body still. Twisting can lead to injury.

  • Get extra help

    Ask a few family members or friends for help.  When moving something tall and heavy by yourself, it might fall on you if you don’t have other people to help you balance it. If you don’t find anyone to assist, think of hiring a moving services provider in the mould of K-Box from your area.

  • protective equipment

    Protective equipment like heavy duty gloves and closed shoes help in keeping your hands and legs safe from being cut during the moving process.

  • Protect furniture and doorways by removing moulding

    While moving large furniture pieces, it is easy to bump against doorways. Remove moulding on the doorway to make an extra space to manoeuvre and avoid likely damage to the doorway.

  • Lighten your load

Remove any items that might be inside the furniture before moving it. For instance, if you are moving your wardrobe, empty it by removing your clothes from it. This will make the furniture lighter and easy to carry.

If moving heavy furniture seems like too much work, use the free moving directory to find reliable movers in your area who will move the heavy furniture’s and get the job done fast. If you are in the Tulsa, OK area, just contact us.



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What can I use to move heavy furniture?

Whether you are rearranging or relocating to another place, moving heavy furniture is usually tireso...


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