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What to do when your furniture can???t move through the door
February 28, 2019


 Moving oversized furniture is never fun. It’s frustrating, expensive, physically strenuous and exhausting. However, with the right kind of tact and preparedness, it can still be done;

  • Attempt different angles

    Before you think of some serious measure like disassembling your sofa or couch, try to manoeuvre slowly toward different angles that can let your furniture pass. If this does not work, place furniture pads underneath your oversized furniture to make it slide along the floor. When attempting to move oversized items through small openings, edge them toward certain arcs as that can make a difference. When changing angles, ensure all your movements are slow and deliberate to avoid injuries.

  • Hoist your furniture

    If your furniture doesn’t fit through the doors, consider lifting it through the balcony. It is a risky process, so you should involve professional movers with the right tools to avoid injuries or damage to the balcony or the furniture.

  • Disassemble detachable parts of your furniture

    Despite your efforts, you may end up not managing to get your furniture inside or outside your room. The next option is to partially remove the oversized parts by pulling them out safely. If you are not sure how to remove an oversized part of the furniture, consult a professional for assistance.

  • Ask your friends for help

    You may need  two or three friends to help you take your furniture out of the house without damaging property. Reach out to your friends as early as possible so that they can spare time.

  • Remove the door from its frame

    Try taking the door off its hinge as this will give you more space to extricate your furniture easily. Doors are easy to put back, so you wot have to worry about much.

  • Wrap your furniture

    Furniture that has sharp edges (like tables) can scratch the walls of your apartment. To avoid such unnecessary risks, wrap all edges and corners.

  • Measure your furniture

    Want to avoid the hassle altogether? It’s simple; measure the dimension of your items and compare what you get with your door’s dimensions in order to determine your next step. This is a great move as it saves you time, and not a few blushes.

  • Ask furniture movers for advice

Of all the options, this is the best. The experts who know how to dismantle and assemble large furniture. Professional movers are usually faced with such problems, and they fix them just about right.


Before undertaking the task of moving your furniture by yourself, consider hiring professional movers and that will make your relocating experience less tiresome and frustrating. At K-Box, we provide all types of moving storage Tulsa  to help you manage a smooth  transition.

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