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7 things you should pack last when moving
February 09, 2018

Moving is a lot of work and you need a plan to make sure everything is done right. Such a plan needs to be ready weeks or possibly months before the move. When you have everything laid out, things become much easier; the only problem is where to start. You need not worry about a storage box Tulsa as professionals like us have a variety for you to choose from

No matter what criteria you use to decide what gets boxed first, there are items you have to stay with through the moving process to the last day.

Here is a look at what should hang about till moving day;

Blankets and pillows

You will probably not move everything on the same day if you are a planning on a long distance move so don’t pack the blankets and pillows until you are done with everything else.


  1. Important documents

    Resist the temptation to pack every important document in the home early on. You may not want to handle such documents when things get all mixed up as moving continues but you will most likely need to. The best thing is to keep them as you move and make sure they remain in a safe place in case you need your credentials for something.

  2. Tools

    Keep your screwdrivers, hammer, scissors and the likes close by in case you need them. It’s okay to pack those tools you are certain will not be needed but remain with a few that might be needed to the last day.

  3. Your computer

    Leave the computer out when packing up your home office. You may start packing weeks before the material day, which is too much time for your computer to remain in hibernation. The computer as well as some other gadgets should remain unpacked for as long as possible. It also keeps your valuables safer if you pack them just when you are about to move.

  4. Snacks

    Keep a supply of snacks available to the last day since you may have to do without cooked meals for some time. Snacks will keep you going when the pots and pans are all boxed.

  5. Bottle opener

    While packing the opener will make it difficult to enjoy a bottle or two as you carry on packing, watch out that you don’t misplace it. Besides,  it is one of the small kitchen items that can take you a long time to find when packed too soon.

  6. Cleaning supplies

The moving process is bound to come with some mess here and there so a few cleaning supplies should always be at an easily accessible place. Keep some general-purpose disinfectant, wood cleaner and carpet stain remover among other cleaning agents for when you have to clean up. The new owners shouldn’t have to clean any mess you leave behind. In rental homes, an unclean house can even mean that you forfeit your security deposit.

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