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5 things you should know about storage boxes before booking one
January 07, 2018

It’s easy to sell some of your belongings when you are ready to move to a new place rather than find transportation for them. It’s not such a viable option when you have to move on short notice though. A quick sale doesn’t always guarantee that you will get your property’s worth.

The next most viable option is booking a portable storage box. You can load a storage container whenever it’s time to move your things, and the best part is that nobody’s rushing you. Even, so, the smart thing to do is find out all you need to about your choice of portable storage. Here is some valuable info you should know about compact storage beforehand;

1.    Not every storage unit is waterproof

If you are in need of a moving storage box Tulsa, moving companies will want to know which one you want specifically. Such storage is made from various types of materials that range from canvas to wood and metal. Choose a storage box that will not allow any water in if you need it for items that should be kept in a dry place.

2.    A container of this kind is likely to damage your lawn

It’s simple really; grass can’t survive without sunlight. Think about your lawn and the patch of bare ground the container might leave behind if you intend to park it on your lawn. You will probably need a landscaper to service the lawn if it is going to stand there for a while.

3.    Watch out for the invaders

It is expected that pests such as insects will invade a storage box that has been left sitting exposed for a while. If your storage container sits on your lawn for an extended period, there is a high chance insects are creeping into it and messing with your property.

4.    You could lose your stored items

This has nothing to do with security concerns so you can heave that sigh of relief if you were startled. However, not paying your bills on time could cost you the property you have stored. When it comes to portable storage Tulsa, companies offering the facility function just like the traditional storage facilities. Make sure you have all your payments in order, or you might be in for the rude shock that your property was auctioned. Aside from this, there is nothing to worry about keeping your items in storage for a while.




5.    Different communities have varying regulations about them

Storage containers come with varying parking regulations depending on the town. In some places, the permit fees may be $10, and in others, it goes up to a hundred dollars or more. You can always park your storage containers on the lawn if your neighborhood has restrictions against parking them on the street.

There are many options for portable storage Tulsa residents can explore. We offer a range of said storage boxes, and we would be delighted to help you out. Reach out to us and let us know what size suits you.


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